K. Henderson's Biography

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in a family with strong ties to their heritage K. The following, submitted September 2004, is from the artist. K Henderson does work that is primarily oil on canvas, and her subjects are western, equestrian and Native American portraiture. She began painting early in life. In exploring the possibilities and techniques of painting she has remained true to her Native- American heritage. Her studio for many years was in Muskogee, Oklahoma and was the house her grandmother owned in 1900. Oklahoma has always been close to the cowboy, Native American and western way of life. It was natural that she would paint these subjects. She invests considerable work in researching subjects so that her paintings correctly reflect the era/subject. When Muskogee became a "big" town, K. moved to rural New Mexico. Research here is easier and inspiration is all around. There are real cowboys and Native American artifacts everywhere. Driven by a need for excellence, K. systematically studied painting, first in Tulsa and later in San Jose, California. Taken by the realism of the Renaissance painters, she created work that became tighter and began to win awards. Working successfully with oil, pencil and pastel she is now focused on oils and detailed representation. Her careful study of past masters blends with the culture of home---Oklahoma. Since 1980 judges have awarded more than 50 Best of Show or First Place awards for K. Henderson paintings, including seven awards at the prestigious Red Earth show. K. enjoys her painting, and speaks enthusiastically about every aspect. "My subject matter is the Native American, both contemporary and historical. Sometimes I am inspired by simple things such as a painted face spotted at a pow wow, and a painting is born. Sometimes an interesting museum artifact or an old photograph inspires a painting. Practically always I take the time to carefully research works for historical accuracy before starting to paint. This is especially true for those works that are based on traditional ceremonies. Recently I have been inspired by the work of George Catlin and Karl Bodmer."

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