Elaine M Crook


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Elaine M. Crook's Biography

Elaine is a traditional oil painter of today's Indian people. "I began experimenting with my present approach to painting", she observes, "when I bought a painting of the 1840 vintage that needed restoration. When I delved into the process, I realized I would have to learn the old technique to restore the painting. I also realized that most artists were not using the old methods. This is what launched me on my current style, a lengthy process incorporating multi-layered application of opaque and transparent paint." "I became an artist because I really had no choice. There was never anything else so compelling as to dissuade me from this goal. As a child, I was always drawing people. I attended Saturday classes at the Art Institute of Chicago from 7th grad through high school and sold my first painting when I was in the 8th grade. It was an exhilarating feeling. In 1960 I won a scholarship to the Art Institute and moved to Phoenix in 1962. There I attended Arizona State University until I took a position as a television art director." "I started doing research into the Indian culture for programs. Then I traveled to the reservations in Arizona and New Mexico. After assimilating my impressions, I began an absorbing painting journey from which I have yet to return. I don't limit myself to any one Indian culture because I find them all fascinating. Also, it is a learning experience and a good opportunity to create intercultural friendships." Elaine has made many friends in the Indian communities that she has visited. There she has watched the children grow from youngsters to fine young adults. She has had the privilege of painting them throughout their growing years. Continuing to visit and paint these people is a priority and a passion during each visit Elaine makes to the Southwest.

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