Roy Anderson, CAA


Roy Anderson's Biography

Roy was born in New Hampshire and received his formal study at the Chicago Academy of Fine Art and the Art Center School of Los Angeles. He joined the ranks of professional illustrators in New York and Chicago where he attained the highest recognition in the field. He credits that experience of more than thirty years with his insatiable desire and profound ability to research a wide and varied range of subject matter. As one of the top illustrators in America, he has produced work for the U. S. Postal Service, many major corporations and prestigious publications such as National Geographic and Time magazines. Eventually Roy decided to move West and be free to paint subject matter of his own choice. His interest in Native American subject matter began at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago when, as a young boy, he discovered cases of labeled Indian artifacts and the vast collection made a lasting impression. Roy says the light in the West vibrates in a different manner; it is brilliant, different, raw. His canvases are dominated by the real drama of the American West. He has found true contentment in the West, residing in both Arizona and now Texas. Among his many awards, Roy has won quite a few silver and gold medals at the Cowboy Artists of America Show. He has seven paintings on display at the Smithsonian Institutes National Portrait Gallery in Washington D. C. He has produced murals for the National Park Service, including a group thereof for the Pecos National Monument in New Mexico and for the Royal Saudi Arabia Naval Headquarters. Roy has been profiled in numerous art publications.

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